Mrs. Eddy’s thoughts on “Authorized Literature”

An insert added to the July 1891 edition of the Christian Science Journal, by

SINCE my attention has been called to the article in the May JOURNAL, I think it would have been wiser not to have organized the GENERAL ASSOCIATION FOR DISPENSING CHRISTIAN SCIENCE LITERATURE.

1. Because I disbelieve in the utility of so wide spread an organization. It tends to promote monopolies, class legislation and unchristian motives for Christian work:

2. I consider my students as capable, individually, of selecting their own reading matter and circulating it, as a committee would be which is chosen for this purpose.

I shall have nothing further to say on this subject, but hope my students’ conclusion will be wisely drawn, and tend to promote the welfare of those outside, as well as inside this organization.



HAVING awakened to the fact that material means and methods cannot be incorporated in the practical demonstration and work of Divine Science and especially in the circulation of Christian Science literature I hereby recall the request made in the May JOURNAL, namely: “that Scientists organize for the systematic distribution of Christian Science literature,” and hereby declare the General Association for Dispensing Christian Science Literature disorganized from date.

General Secretary
New York, June 26, 1891

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