The Protecting Power of Truth by Marietta Webb

From the November 23, 1899 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel by

One Sunday morning a year ago last August, while seated in church, and my head bowed in silent praver, I had a presentiment of my home being in danger of fire. I took in the situation in a second; we had not had any rain since the early spring, and the excessive heat of the summer had made everything very dry.

For a moment I thought what a terrible loss it would be if such were the case. Then fear began to creep upon me, when suddenly I was confronted with Truth, which said, “I am applicable not only in the treatment of diseases, but in all the difficulties and trying places of life.”

I at once began to demonstrate the Truth. Sweet peace stole over me, and when the silent prayer was ended, and we were repeating the Lord’s Prayer with the spiritual interpretation, I forgot my presentiment for the time being.

When I arrived home from church the first thing that met my sight were signs of fire. Two of my neighbors who had rushed in to assist my husband in putting out the fire met me with frightened looks on their faces, and exclaimed with uplifted hands, “O Mrs. Webb! I don’t know what saved your home, or your husband! Aren’t you frightened?”

To their amazement, and my husband’s, who had his hands and arms bandaged, I calmly answered, no. I then went on to explain why I was not alarmed or even surprised; and they marveled at it, although I had often spoken to them about the wonders that God’s truth will perform.

I did not look at the burns that my husband had received, nor did I bandage them, and in a day or so they were all healed. The fire was caused by the explosion of a bottle of gasoline, which had been left standing in the hot sun.

At first there was a slight explosion which sent the cork flying out, followed by a little flame, which instantly ignited a curtain, and this attracted by husband’s attention. In grabbing the bottle to throw it out of doors it exploded and went to pieces in his hands, the fire from it running up his arms and also igniting the woodwork at his feet.

The damage to our home was very slight. Surely “The angel of the Lord encampeth round about them that fear him, and delivereth them.” The Bible and “Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures” are my daily guides, the heavenly manna on which I feast and live.

O, glorious Truth that makes us free; that guides us into all the avenues and through all the vicissitudes of life; that is a healing balm for all human complaints; and that protects us from all evil; and which I verily believe is to be the only salvation of my race, the Afro-American, and that it will abolish the prejudice which exists throughout these United States; for, go where we will, we are made to feel our color.

But with the wide and rapid spread of Christian Science man is not only learning what the true love of God is, by loving all mankind; but he is getting out of his old prejudiced self, into the spiritual sense of man’s union with God.

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