Letter to Dr. de Lange, May 4, 1937, by Bicknell Young

Letter from to Dr. Hendrik J. de Lange, May 4, 1937

Dear Friend,

What we have now to “run” the Christian Science organization, our Leader never established. She set up two coordinating boards with Deeds of Trust to serve as a balance. They worked together while she was here to control them, but as soon as she left, they each wanted the power, especially the Board of Directors. They appealed and resorted to the advice of human lawyers and the courts (Paul appealed to Caesar). Nothing has gone right since 1910 when she left; it has not been carried on according to Mrs. Eddy’s intentions. Politics chiefly and financial pressure seem rampant. The only answer to all that error is that the Christ must prevail. The “Estoppel Clauses” in the Manual have not been heeded or obeyed. They are a protective measure to our cause. Some, selfishly, even tried to persuade Mrs. Eddy to remove them from the Manual, but she would not because they were divinely inspired to prevent hierarchical control and domination; also to gradually dissolve an organizational sense of church and Being. Our office and function is to live the Christ, which is the one and only power of the one Mind, Life, Love, Being.

With love and deep appreciation for what you are as the oneness of Being,

Bicknell Young

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