Quotes about the 88th Church Manual

…Notwithstanding the sacrilegious moth of time, eternity awaits our Church Manual, which will stand when those have passed to rest…Of this I am sure, that each Rule and By-law in this Manual will increase the spirituality of him who obeys it, invigorate his capacity to heal the sick, to comfort such as mourn, and to awaken the sinner.

from Miscellany, by Mary Baker Eddy, pages 229-230

…They were not arbitrary opinions nor dictatorial demands, such as one person might impose on another. They were impelled by a power not one’s own, were written at different dates, and as the demand for them as a help that must be supplied to maintain the dignity and defense of our Cause; hence their simple, scientific basis, and detail so requisite to demonstrate genuine Christian Science, and which will do for the race what absolute doctrines destined for future generations might not accomplish.

from Miscellaneous Writings, by Mary Baker Eddy, page 148 (quoted in The Comforter, Physics to Metaphysics, by Yvonne Reus, page 157)

“The signing of an indenture on December 19, 1906, was the last main feature of Mrs. Eddy’s founding….This binds the five directors constituted by the Manual to be legally responsible for obeying the remaining trusts and binding them all to the requirements of the new trust ‘that no new Tenet or By-law shall be adopted, nor any Tenet or By-law amended or annulled by the grantees unless the written consent of said Mary Baker G. Eddy, the author of the textbook SCIENCE AND HEALTH WITH KEY TO THE SCRIPTURES be given therefor…’ (Manual, p. 137:2)….”By naming five directors and thus binding them to obey the trusts in the deeds and the Manual By-laws as written, the indenture establishes a legal premise that will enable the material organization to be dissolved.”

from The Comforter, Physics to Metaphysics, by Yvonne Reus, pages 179, 180

New editions of the Church Manual (August 1908 and June 1908) included turning attention “from the material to the spiritual…”
“Mrs. Eddy never did anything associated with her church and movement unless it had a spiritual significance.

from The Comforter, Physics to Metaphysics, by Yvonne Reus, page 186

“Between Sept. 1895 and Sept. 1910 there had been a continuous evolution of the Church Manual. Like the textbook, the Manual had reached its final form in this seventh period. Four editions were published in 1910, the last, the eighty-eighth, being announced in the Sentinel on Sept. 17th, 1910. …If obeyed, the instructions would preserve and prosper Christian Science and bless the whole earth for all time to come. Mrs. Eddy had taken every step in consonance with divine Principle throughout her founding.”

from The Comforter, Physics to Metaphysics, by Yvonne Reus, page 193

Mrs. Eddy said “…that the Manual was as divinely inspired as Science and Health. ‘I prayed God day and night to show me how to form my Church, and how to go on with it. I understand that he showed me, just as I understand He showed me Christian Science. Then I have no right or desire to change what God had directed me to do, and it remains for the Church to obey it. What has prospered this Church for thirty years will continue to keep it.’ (Grekel, The Forever Leader, p. 570)”

from The Comforter, Physics to Metaphysics, by Yvonne Reus, page 209

“If the Board had carried on and executed the Manual By-laws as directed, rather than conceiving and originating a plan to disregard the Manual with its By-law estoppels requiring Mrs. Eddy’s signature, the Christian Science movement would be seen and known universally today as a blessing to the human race and recognized as the promised Comforter….Their plot to displace Mary Baker Eddy and take over was extensive and thorough. A censored Manual had been secretly printed before Mrs. Eddy passed on, and made ready to slip into Reading Rooms as soon as Mrs. Eddy was no longer here to supervise. They would be shamefully sold as Mrs. Eddy’s new edition! (See Wright, Humanity’s Divinity, p. 280 and Grekel, The Forever Leader, pp. 580-582)

from The Comforter, Physics to Metaphysics, by Yvonne Reus, page 211

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